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Nature's Way Program: 2024 Summer Schedule

Starting in June, join us on the accessible pathways at SHEI for Nature's Way lessons. Together, we will focus on quieting the mind's chatter through an array of breathing techniques, and discover how to create a balance in life that nourishes the energy we consume from and contribute to ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. This program is designed to have nature as a guiding tool for how we can strengthen resiliency and adaptation in our own lives, building a thriving characteristic of positive growth. Because we're always growing something!


Lessons are provided in small groups of peers (i.e., anyone wanting to develop a new perspective on life, including individuals living with disability). Each month, June-August, features a different set of lessons with specific goals; held two days a month for each set. In addition to Nature's Way lessons, SHEI offers a special afternoon activity on the accessible pathways after lunch (provided) and between each lesson. It's recommended (but not required) that June's lessons are experienced first before moving on to July and August's lessons.

Nature's Way Program Lessons



June 12 & 26


Tier 1:

The Nature of Nature

During this lesson set, we will be diving into perspectives on nature, working towards broadening our view on what nature is and does. By gaining a broader perspective of Nature and recognizing the interconnectedness of Nature, it is possible to discover how Nature’s Mind opens up for Nature’s Spirit to create new opportunities for growth. Exhibiting resiliency, persistence, and a thriving characteristic of adaptation.

Tools include: various forms of breathing/visualization techniques that quiet the mind, and empowered opportunities to share experiences with peers that will build a supportive community for you beyond these lessons.



July 17 & 31


Tier 2:

The Nature of Humans


Continuing onto this next set of lessons will deliver you an exploration into the many different perspectives of being Human. We all have different and unique life experiences and stories. Too often, we believe our current perspective/story is the one and only perspective/story, and our life/energy can feel “stuck” in that story. The goal of Tier 2 is to demonstrate that one’s perspective of Self can change, gaining a broader appreciation of our conscious Mind and energetic Spirit and by doing so, we can become “unstuck”, unveiling our potential to manifest new stories that harness the passion of our Spirit and wisdom of our Mind.



August 7 & 21


Tier 3:

Harnessing Nature's Potential

In this final set of lessons, we take the knowledge and tools we accumulated in Tier 1 & Tier 2 and begin crafting our personal life story to fit our newfound potentials. New tools are introduced to assist us with this process, aiding us as we navigate the materials presented.

Caregivers and a companion are welcome! Please notify us during sign-up.


A Note on Getting Here:

  1. Assistance with transportation to Nature's Way at SHEI may be provided by GSIL if you are eligible for Part B rides.

  2. If you have your own transportation but the expense of travel may cause a financial hardship, please let us know and SHEI may provide assistance.

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