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Nature's Way at SHEI: 2022 Summer Program Schedule

Starting in June, join us on the accessible pathways at SHEI for Nature's Way lessons, focusing on Nature's Way Tier 1: "The Nature of Nature". By the end of these four lessons, you will discover how your perspective of nature can change, gaining a broader and deeper appreciation of nature, and by doing so, unveiling a new potential. Nature is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to spark new growth, and understanding this will help you set the stage for the next tier, Nature's Way Tier 2: "The Nature of Humans (You!)". Tier 2 lessons will be offered this Fall 2022.


In addition to Nature's Way lessons, SHEI offers a special afternoon activity on the accessible pathways after each lesson. You may sign up for just the lessons, the lessons and the afternoon activities, or just the afternoon activities. Nature's Way lessons may resume this Fall 2022, keep an eye out for scheduling and sign up.


See end-of-summer schedule below and sign up!

SHEI's Retreat Week

20170829_143803 - Copy (3).jpg

September 13


Open House at SHEI with lawn games, tether ball, art, and refreshments. Plus, complimentary massages for those tired muscles!


September 14


Cookout at SHEI with fire at the Boulder Fit Pit and live music, including African drumming. S'mores for dessert!


September 15


Kayaking on Blaisdell Lake - limited adaptive kayaks with NEHSA. Easy transfers with on-site lift. Changing space available at SHEI, if needed.

Retreat Week Sign Up

Registration Required for SHEI's Retreat Week

You'll see me on these days, select all that apply:

Thanks for registering to our event(s). See you there!

Caregivers and a companion are welcome! Please notify us during sign-up.


A Note on Getting Here:

  1. Assistance with transportation to Nature's Way at SHEI may be provided by GSIL if you are eligible for Part B rides.

  2. If you have your own transportation but the expense of travel may cause a financial hardship, please let us know and SHEI may provide assistance.

  3. Nature's Way at SHEI is located at 222 Blaisdell Hill Road in South Sutton NH, detailed directions will be given after sign-up.


Contact us for assistance:

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