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WHIM Peer Leaders

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WHIM Goffstown

YMCA Allard Center

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WHIM Goffstown

YMCA Allard Center

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Mark Race

WHIM Concord

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WHIM Manchester

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WHIM Manchester

YMCA of Downtown Manchester

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Shellie Lemelin

WHIM Dover

Parish of the Assumption

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Ellie Kimball

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WHIM Portsmouth

Betty's Dream

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Michelle Maslanka

WHIM Laconia

Sunrise Towers

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Donka Facciolo

WHIM Laconia

Sunrise Towers

What is a WHIM Peer Leader?

A WHIM Peer Leader is an individual living with a physical disability who guides WHIM program participants during WHIM classes in their local community. Peer Leaders train one-on-one with the WHIM Manager for a series of weeks. A professionally reviewed, 100-page manual is given to individuals who are trained or training to become a WHIM Peer Leader. This manual is an essential resource that helps Peer Leaders run a group in an organized way. Ideally, each WHIM community site will have a team of 3-4 individuals peer leading the group together. A few important Peer Leader responsibilities include:

  • Lead WHIM exercise routines

    • the manual has exercises and specific routines that Peer Leaders may use to conduct the workout part of WHIM class

  • Lead WHIM peer groups

    • discussions about life and disability; struggles and good things, equally

    • these discussions will be very unique to each particular group

  • Lead WHIM health education discussions

    • topics are provided in the manual

  • Enroll new participants using Release of Liability and Registration forms and track WHIM classes with Participant Attendance Sheet and Class Notes

  • Work closely with WHIM staff

    • We ask that Peer Leaders update us on the status of their classes, what’s working and what can be better, so we can improve the WHIM program and help leaders problem solve

  • Have fun with peers!


Why Peer Lead with WHIM?

The Wheelchair Health In Motion (WHIM) program is not just about a good workout, great conversation with friends, meeting new people and having fun out in the community, it’s much more!


The WHIM program was built on learning skills that will be useful for long-term career goals! Through starting sites in new communities and running classes, WHIM Peer Leaders have the ability to work one-on-one with SHEI/WHIM staff exploring career options and developing their own work skills. These skills may include:

  • Confidence building

  • Professionalism

  • Computer skills

  • Program Development

Peer Leading with WHIM is a great opportunity for you to build your resume and work on job skills. Enrich your life through career development with WHIM!

The WHIM program is all about empowerment, defined as "the capacity of individuals, groups and/or communities to take control of their circumstances, exercise power and achieve their own goals, and the process by which, individually and collectively, they are able to help themselves and others to maximize the quality of their lives." When an individual decides to take on the volunteer position of WHIM Peer Leader, they are empowered by gaining responsibilities that are designed to help other individuals thrive in their class.


Peer Leadership is an opportunity to build life skills and give back to your peers and community while adding to your life's purpose. 


Interested in Peer Leading with WHIM?


Being a WHIM Peer Leader is a very rewarding experience. The life-skills you can acquire and the smiles you will bring to participants' faces are just a couple of examples. Everyone on the WHIM team welcomes you and is here to support you if you decide to lead a WHIM class in your community! Send us an email to learn more and get started:

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