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Accessible Trails

Click underlined name to open the website for detailed information.

       Gregg Trail & Dutton Brook Trail

       ​Parts of this 8-mile long trail are accessible. A great place to visit if you want to experience the former home of            The Old Man of the Mountain.

       Check out this article with WHIM Peer Leaders, Mark and Doug!

This is a newly renovated boardwalk on Plum Island, MA tested out by our good friends Hubert and Ursula.

       Lists wheelchair accessible trails in New Hampshire, and includes type of material that the trail is made of. 

       Use this link to explore all state parks in NH. Contains specific contact info for each park.

If you know of an accessible trail that is not on this list

and/or if you've had a great experience at a particular NH state park,

please share it with us HERE!

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