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Nature's Way at SHEI: Youth Program Sessions

This summer 2023, SHEI is offering a youth and their families an opportunity to "explore our various connections to nature" together with Family Days on the outdoor pathways at the facility. These Family Days will focus on providing parents and children with an environment that supports exploring nature and understanding the interconnection nature has to our sense of well-being. This program includes:

  • “Feel the Beat” - drumming and singing nature songs with Kathy Lowe and Julie Corey
    (there will be many rhythm instruments for everyone)

  • Exploring nature through an interactive scavenger hunt with Linden Rayton of Living
    Water Nature Programs, LLC

  • Hands on planting where each family gets a large planter and seedlings to take home to
    nurture and watch grow through the summer. Guided by Andy Jeffery and Megan

Come nurture your parent-child relationship, while experiencing the outdoors on a rural hilltop in South Sutton NH!

This is a free program funded by the Horne Family Foundation.

Summer schedule to be determined, please email your interest to Carol at

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