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Your Support Matters

WHIM hike event

SHEI is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that relies exclusively on contributions and grants to fund all of our programs. 94% of all funds raised for SHEI/WHIM go directly to our programs and services. Please help us continue to offer such valuable programming, like WHIM, which is free to all participants.

Help us bring Nature's Way to life!


Please support the SHEI Year-End Appeal and the special Capital Campaign for Nature's Way with your online contribution today.

Your donation to the Year-End Appeal will enable valuable programs, like WHIM at Home, offered free of charge. Please consider increasing your donation to include the Capital Campaign to complete the Nature's Way Accessible Pathways Project on the beautiful SHEI campus.




Or kindly mail your tax deductible contribution today to:

SHEI PO Box 435, South Sutton NH 03273

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ST, Resource Beneficiary

This organization has shared valuable knowledge with me. I learned about vocational rehab resources, and I’m now driving an adaptive van. MEAD allows me the ability to work, earn an income, and receive home care services. Connecting with SHEI/WHIM and Carol has made a difference in my life.

CL, WHIM Participant

WHIM is a great asset to me and others confined not only to our chairs, but now to our homes.  I feel grateful that WHIM is having Zoom events and a couple things outdoors this summer.  It feels so good to be able to see other friendly faces and know that I'm not alone!  Having an activity to be a part of lifts my spirits when it seems like there is nothing else that I can do.

AC, High School Student

I took the 'Mindfulness for Life Skills' program at SHEI and for the first time in my life, I learned it is only me that can change the direction in my life. I cannot blame the outside world for my crisis.

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