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Nature's Way at SHEI: Program Sessions

Join us outdoors on Sunset Hill Educational Institute (SHEI)’s ADA* accessible pathways where, together, we will connect, nourish, and grow through the Nature’s Way program! Through the use of nature as a dynamic example of resiliency, Nature’s Way guides individuals on how to use mindfulness-based techniques to recreate positive, powerful life stories about one's self and uncover what makes one shine!

Nature's Way Lessons available this summer 2024!

Nature’s Way offers programming on three levels, each as a series of sessions. Sessions are led by trained peer leaders. Sign up for one or all:

  • Tier 1: The Nature of Nature

CONNECT with nature and discover its many examples of resiliency (i.e the power to thrive after change).

  • Tier 2: The Nature of Humans

NOURISH by allowing yourself the time to acknowledge your journey to this moment


  • Tier 3: Harnessing Nature’s Potential

GROW through creating a life perspective that is empowering and fulfilling

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Program Description

Tier 1: The Nature of Nature

The Nature of Nature is an exploration into the many different perspectives of nature. People have different perspectives and interpretations of nature. Too often, we believe our current perspective is the one and only perspective, and it should be shared by one and all. The goal of Tier 1 is to demonstrate that one’s perspective of nature can change, gaining a broader and deeper appreciation of nature and by doing so, unveiling a new potential. Nature is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to spark new growth.

Tier 1

Lesson 1.1

Nature is Multi-faceted

How one sees nature depends on perspective. Narrow perspective reveals only a fragment of nature's character. Broad perspective reveals nature is comprised of body, mind, and spirit. This knowledge will lead us to make fundamental comparisons between nature and our own existence.

Lesson 1.3

Nature's Mind

Nature is consciously aware of the surrounding environment, interacting in every cell throughout the universe. Nature is continuously discovering opportunities for new growth, new connections, and new skills. Nature wants to belong by connecting, consuming, and contributing to the continuum of creation.

Lesson 1.2

Nature is an Interconnected Web of Cooperation

From a narrow perspective, it appears that plants and animals are separate and distinct from one another, but nothing in nature exists alone. Everything consumes and contributes, forming a network of symbiotic relationships. All elements in nature work together to promote the balance, health, and well-being of the natural community.

Lesson 1.4

Nature's Spirit

Once the spark of growth is ignited, nature's mind gives way to spirit., where all energy is dedicated to new growth. Nature is never riddled with doubt. Nature is resilient, persistent, and adaptive. By gaining a broader perspective of nature, you will have experienced a level of that spark igniting growth.

Tier 2: The Nature of Humans

The Nature of Humans is an exploration into the many different perspectives of being Human. We all have different and unique life experiences and stories. Too often, we believe our current perspective/story is the one and only perspective/story, and our life/energy can feel “stuck” in that story. The goal of Tier 2 is to demonstrate that one’s perspective of Self can change, gaining a broader appreciation of our conscious Mind and energetic Spirit and by doing so, we can become “unstuck”, unveiling our potential to manifest new stories that harness the passion of our Spirit and wisdom of our Mind.

Tier 2

Lesson 2.1

Humans Life Stories

How one perceives One’s Self depends upon perspective. Narrow perspectives reveal just a fragment of One’s Life Stories, in which we can feel stuck
Broader perspectives reveal the potential for manifesting new Life Stories, promoting new growth. Cultivating Empathy is essential to tapping into our Spirit’s potential for new growth

Lesson 2.3

Getting to Know Our Body, Mind, and Spirit

Our Body, Mind & Spirit all have Superpowers and Super-vulnerabilities.
Our Life Stories emerge from the 
quantum dance between or Mind & Spirit.
Balance is the key! Imbalances manifest Life Stories that are not nourishing
or sustainable.

Lesson 2.2

Manifesting Our "Base Map" Life Stories

Our Life Stories emerge from our beliefs.
Our beliefs are influenced by our culture, genes, family & experience. Over time, one’s perspective can narrow down to the one Life Story, “That’s just the way I am!”
New Stories can manifest by consciously cultivating new beliefs.

Lesson 2.4

Getting to Know How Our Stories Manifest

Our Life Stories emerge from the quantum dance between or Mind & Spirit
Balance is the key! Imbalances (which happen all the time) manifest Life Stories that are not nourishing or sustainable.
Just as with Nature, we are more than what has already occurred in our lives.

Tier 3

Tier 3: Harnessing Nature's Potential

To be announced...

Andy Jeffrey Headshot.jpg

Andy Jeffrey

Nature’s Way Program Designer

Board Certified Holistic Health Professional (HHP) & Wellness Life Coach

Founder of Proactive Growth, which focuses on challenging one’s  fundamental beliefs about one’s self, purpose, and ability to transform, so one can discover their true vision, motivation, and direction.

Andy Bio

*ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act, a law that ensures people with disabilities have equal rights and opportunities as everyone else. ADA design implies that equal access is upheld.

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