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Wheelchair Health In Motion (WHIM) is a FREE, peer-driven program that provides the tools for increasing quality of life* and promoting wellness in individuals living with physical disability through upper-body aerobic exercise, positive peer support, social outings (including group sports with our adaptive recreation collaborators), advocacy awareness, resource education, and resiliency tools.

Check out our activity for this month - We hope to see you at a workout, outing, or webinar!


*Quality of life has a different definition for each person, however, reoccurring themes are: independence, power to cope, enjoying life activities, good health, good social support and feelings of accomplishment. This program focuses on helping each individual reach their optimal goals regarding their quality of life. WHIM also strives to be a toolbox full of ongoing support resources that individuals with disability can utilize for increasing their quality of life, for example: vocational rehabilitation contacts, informational webcast alerts, advocacy alerts, and recreational opportunities and contacts.

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