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Recreation Resources For All

Our philosophy includes a strong belief that being outdoors and being in nature provides significant health benefits. Recreation is the refreshment of health and spirits by means of pastime, agreeable exercise, or the like. As New Hampshire citizens, we are lucky to live in a geographical region that is full of recreational opportunities. And as individuals living with disability, we are extremely lucky to have access to organizations and programs run by people who have the creative talent and motivation needed to get us out recreating in ways we may originally see as impossible.


We've compiled a collection of resources outside of SHEI and WHIM that offer adapted/accessible recreational opportunities. Below, discover the many different ways you can experience refreshment of health and spirits!

Adaptive Water-skiing with

Northeast Passage

Accessible Hiking on the Franconia Notch Bike Path

with Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country


Adaptive Recreational Organizations

Click organization name to open their website for detailed information.

       Hunting and target shooting

       ​Cycling, gardening, golfing, kayaking, tennis, hiking, alpine skiing, nordic skiing, snowshoeing, climbing,                         bowling, swimming, boccia

        North Country Storm - power soccer

        North Country Sled Dawgs - sled hockey

        North Country United - Special Olympic Team

       Hiking, kayaking, cycling, target shooting, snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding

       Water-skiing, cycling, fishing, skiing

       Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, ski racing, kayaking, paddle boarding, rowing

        Veteran's Recreation programs

       Archery, court sports, cycling, golfing, hiking, nordic skiing, kayaking, water-skiing

        Competitive sports - sled hockey, quad rugby, power soccer


        Veteran's Recreation programs

        Equipment rentals

       Horseback riding and driving

If you know of an adaptive recreational organization that is not on this list,

please share it with us HERE!


Accessible Trails

Click underlined name to open the website for detailed information.

       Gregg Trail & Dutton Brook Trail

       ​Parts of this 8-mile long trail are accessible. A great place to visit if you want to experience the former home of            The Old Man of the Mountain.

       Check out this article with WHIM Peer Leaders, Mark and Doug!

       Lists wheelchair accessible trails in New Hampshire, and includes type of material that the trail is made of. 

       Use this link to explore all state parks in NH. Contains specific contact info for each park.

If you know of an accessible trail that is not on this list

and/or if you've had a great experience at a particular NH state park,

please share it with us HERE!

Locations on the Map

Map is a general representation of locations. For actual addresses, please click on organization/trail names underlined above. This will take you to their websites with the additional info you seek.


Header photo by Peter Bloch

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