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Nature's Way at SHEI: Accessible Pathways

In addition to Nature's Way programming at Sunset Hill Educational Institute (SHEI), scheduled blocks of time are offered for private visits on the accessible pathways. This allows individuals and their loved ones safe space for activity, for example: quiet reflection, small picnics, and a private outing for those new to injury or illness.


A private visit at SHEI's ADA* accessible pathways offers you...

  • 2,000 feet of hard-packed gravel pathways

  • ADA* bathroom accommodations (see red building below)

  • Easy access to woodland views, mountain vistas, and a warming fire pit

  • A peaceful place to reflect in nature

  • Safe space to gather with friends and family

Reservations are require for private use of pathways.

20210820_143039 (2).jpg
NW Restroom.jpg

*ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act, a law that ensures people with disabilities have equal rights and opportunities as everyone else. ADA design implies that equal access is upheld.

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