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Nature's Way at SHEI

A barrier-free place to connect, nourish, and grow

Nature's Way is located in South Sutton, New Hampshire on the SHEI grounds, not far from the highway yet surrounded by conservation land and offering peaceful mountain views. This is a fully accessible destination consisting of 2,000 feet of hard-packed pathways where individuals with disability, children, and young adults can experience the tranquility of nature in a private setting. Nature's Way is not only a location, but is also a nourishing mindfulness program offered by SHEI. The Nature's Way program is inspired by the teachings of permaculture, which is growth/education based on nature and the practical mindfulness lessons it provides for psychosocial behavioral change. To learn more, please visit our Nature's Way tab above.

20210820_142951 (2).jpg

First on-site meeting of the Nature's Way Advisory Council

August 20th, 2021

SHEI Grounds Transformation


Below shows the before and after pictures of a section of the SHEI grounds where accessible pathway has been constructed this summer 2021. The terrain in the picture on the left (before) was not passible for people with manual wheelchairs or walkers and tricky for those with power wheelchairs. The picture on the right (after) shows the improved terrain with easy and safe hard-pack installation. This improvement will allow for the SHEI grounds to be more inclusive and will increase the quality and variety of service delivery to our organization's target population. 

20210820_152303 (2).jpg
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