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Let's build community resilience together!

SHEI Executive Director,

Carol Conforti-Adams, works closely with KCN as a project coordinator.

She is able to help spread resiliency and wellness resources across multiple communities by networking through SHEI and

KCN projects and programs.


Kearsarge Community Network (KCN) was developed with support from a UNH Extension initiative. Our goal is to bring together local partners from nonprofit organizations, civic groups, towns, schools, and businesses in the Kearsarge area. We collaborate on activities, programs, and events that cultivate resiliency and wellness skills. KCN meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month.


For more information, contact Carol, our KCN coordinator,

at (603) 938-2562 or


With the support from the UNH Extension team, we provide virtual training programs for the community. Programs include: Mental Health First Aid, Living Well with Chronic Pain, Health/Wellness, and so much more! Training programs are free and open to all. Contact Alyssa Lemmermann, UNH Extension Teacher, at

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We bring the community together for events,
such as: apple and potato gleaning for local food pantries, Stone Soup lunches, and inter-generational health and wellness activities. Promoting neighbors connecting with neighbors!

Potato gleaning event

pictured here


KCN-Workforce Development is facilitating a mentoring and community service program, providing hands-on learning projects for youth. KCN and partners work to build relationships by providing positive role models that demonstrate life and work skills as youth and adults work together.

For more information about Kearsarge Community Network

contact Carol, KCN Coordinator, at (603) 938-2562 or

Supported by the UNH Extension: Building Community Resilience project, along with support from the Rural Health and Safety Education Competitive Grants Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA Grants.

KCN Events & Meetings

2023 KCN Monthly Meetings

Held monthly on the 4th Thursday @ 2pm on Zoom

For the last two years, KCN has brought together our local partners from nonprofit organizations, civic groups, towns, schools, and businesses in the area, to collaborate on activities, programs, and events that cultivate resilience and wellness skills.

KCN Goals in 2023 are to create opportunities for:

  • Community gatherings to reduce isolation, anxiety, and stress

  • Food access, healthy nutrition, and agricultural self-sufficiency

  • Exploring mentorship programs in our communities

  • Ongoing free UNH trainings for all community members

The KCN meetings have been successful in bringing key stakeholders together to build working partnerships. KCN covers Sunapee, Andover, and the seven towns in the Kearsarge Regional School District.

Come join us and find out

how working together can

increase resources

and decrease duplication.

To receive access code for

January 26th meeting at 2pm

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