WHIM Events - What's Happening?

The Wheelchair Health In Motion (WHIM) program is more than weekly physical workouts and positive peer support. Throughout the year, WHIM holds different activities and events that compliment the exercise and social features of this program. These special activities and events allow the entire WHIM community to get together.


March 2022

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Healthy Eating Group

Join us every Monday evening in February, starting February 14th at 5pm.


Each week there will be group-led discussion on the challenges and successes of weight control with disability, along with peer motivation for healthy eating.


Meeting ID: 880 8505 6963 | Passcode: 737502

WHIM Exercise (WHIM at Home)

A subprogram of Wheelchair Health In Motion, brought to you remotely. Enjoy the same exercise, learning, and socializing WHIM community sites offer, but from the ease, comfort, and safety of your home.


**If you or someone you know wants to participate in WHIM at Home,

but needs access to remote conferencing technology, please contact us at whim4wellness@gmail.com** 


Tuesdays with




Thursdays with




Therapeutic Seated Yoga

Mary Carroll, a retired healthcare professional and YogaCaps, Inc. instructor, shares seated therapeutic yoga experiences with us that is safe, science-smart, free, and fun! Yoga encompasses engaging with the body, the breath, and the mind.


YogaCaps, Inc. trains healthcare professionals in specialized, evidence-based therapeutic yoga experiences for those with chronic physical and mental health conditions.

Access Tuesday and Thursday WHIM Zoom classes using link above or


Go to: www.zoom/us


Meeting ID: 850 1492 3172
Passcode: 700222


Meeting ID: 833 4923 0615 | Passcode: 989265

Zoom Social Hour

Let's get together - no exercise, no agenda. Just catching up with each other, maybe cards or trivia.


Connect with us!

Meeting ID: 840 6456 2136 | Passcode: 035283