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WHIM Activity Calendar

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The Wheelchair Health In Motion (WHIM) program is more than weekly physical workouts and positive peer support. Throughout the year, WHIM holds different activities and events that compliment the exercise and social features of this program. These special activities and events allow the entire WHIM community to get together.


March 2024


WHIM at Home

Upper body aerobic exercise and stretching classes led by your peers, Michelle & Carol. Find us every Tuesday & Thursday at 1pm on Zoom. Get in some excellent physical activity while connecting with your peers! All levels of ability welcome. No registration required, drop in anytime.

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Seated Tai Chi

Join us via Zoom to experience the benefits of Tai Chi, every Wednesdays @ 2pm!

Regular practice of Tai Chi leads to a harmony of body, mind and spirit, which improves one’s quality of life. The many benefits associated with Tai Chi include:

Reduced Stress | Improved Concentration | Better Posture & Balance

Stronger Muscles | Greater Flexibility & ROM | Improved Coordination

Sense of Calm & Relaxation | Balance of Internal Energy

Lead by practiced Tai Chi instructor & WHIM friend, Peggy. No registration required, drop in anytime.


Daily Practice Session | Wednesday, March 6 @ 1pm

Recognizing our ability to adapt as a power of choice in our daily lives will allow us to learn from our experiences and redirect our thoughts with positive affirmations and decide to move forward.

COME LEARN HOW TO START A DAILY PRACTICE! Choose to breath and visualize your day, and all it has to offer. To cultivate a growth mindset, start simple… begin a daily practice.


Laughing Yoga | Saturday, March 16 @ 11am

Laughter yoga provides a unique forum to laugh for no reason. It was started in 1995 by Dr. Kataria in India. There are now over 10000 Laughter Clubs spread throughout 116 countries across the globe.


The practice is compiled of laughter and breathing exercises ending in a meditation. It incorporates both eye contact and childlike play. Benefits include:

  • Mood elevation

  • Reduction in stress

  • Increases in immune system

  • Increase in quality of life

  • Being a social connector

  • Provides a platform to laugh through challenges

Lead by practiced Laughing Yoga instructor, Abby Bjork. No registration required, drop in if you can.


WHIM Webinar: Adaptive Sport | Wednesday, April 3 @ 1pm

Come discover what NH adaptive sports organizations can offer you! Presenters include representatives from multiple organizations that provide equipment, support, and instruction. NEDS, NEHSA, NEP, and Adaptive Sports Partners will be joining us and informing us.

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